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Missing Piece of My Heart

I’ve put in the last stitch on this quilt and it is on its way to Florida where it will be distributed with hundreds of other lovingly made quilts through the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild to survivors, victims’ families, and first responders from the shooting this summer at the Pulse nightclub.

Missing Piece of My Heart Compilation

My quilt includes the note below.

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Rocky Mountain Range Quilt

I spent a significant amount of my middle and high school years skiing, camping and hiking in the mountains with my dear friend, Gina. When she called a few months ago to tell me she was pregnant I knew I wanted to create a mountain themed quilt for her new little one.

Mountain Range Quilt

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Braided Stripe Quilt Tutorial

I’m flattered that a few folks have asked for a tutorial on how I made the braided stripe quilts for Myla, Junior and Ian. I have to say that you should approach this “pattern” with an adventurous spirit. I’ve made three of these quilts so far and have learned something new each time.

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Baby Quilt for Ian

Another striped baby quilt! Clearly I’m loving this pattern these days. And in all honesty I’m working out kinks in the “pattern” with each version that I test, so I’m starting to finally feel like the concept is a real thing.


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Lindenmeyer Baby Quilt

Did I mention that there’s been a bonanza of babies amongst our close friend & family? My cousin, Tom, and his wife, Laura, are having a little boy in April and we recently celebrated with a baby shower. Since I’m on a baby quilt roll I kept on sewing until I had another quilt under my belt.


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Myla’s Stripy Quilt

My baby shower gift for Myles & Virginia was a stripy, colorful quilt. They didn’t want anything too girly for their baby and were using some pretty bold colors (orange, yellow, purple & bright pink) for the nursery. I wanted to create something colorful that the baby would still love long after leaving babyhood.


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Showers and New Family Members

There’s some exciting news in the world. On Feb 26 Miles & Virginia’s baby was born. Not only is she the first baby for them, but she’s the first of a new generation for the Henderson family and we’re pretty excited about our new niece.

Baby Myla
Myla Mary Henderson

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Modern Baby Quilt for Hendrix

Continuing with the baby bonanza amongst our friends & family, I had barely finished Micah’s quilt when our friends, Brian & Amy, had their baby, Hendrix.


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Micah’s Baby Quilt

Part of my excitement about picking back up with quilting is that I found some seriously inspiring blogs online. There’s this whole movement of “modern quilters” making bold, colorful quilts. These aren’t your granny’s quilts with fussy patterns and dainty fabric. And once I saw some of these projects I wanted to join in the fun.

Most inspiring to me has been the Handmade by Alissa blog. She kicks some serious fabric encased ass.

Alissa’s quilt top for her own baby inspired the quilt for our friends, Andy & Julie, and their new baby, Micah.

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Picking Up Old Hobbies

My sophomore year of college I had a class where they assigned us to “do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time to do.” One girl in my class started practicing yoga, some took dance classes, others volunteered. I made a quilt.

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You know what I’m thankful for this year?

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Kitchen Before & Afters

Remember that kitchen project we’ve spent the better part of this year talking about and then abruptly stopped discussing? Well, it turns out that you don’t have a lot of time for writing when you are constructing. And just when we were done constructing life got busy.

We’ve been done-ish for a few weeks. All that is left is to pick out a backsplash and a light to hang above the sink.

So without further delay, here’s an update on how the kitchen turned out. Drumroll please.

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The Difference 3 Years Makes

Will and I moved into our project house 3 years ago today.

3 Years in a House
Before and “after,” or more along the lines of before and “during.”

Looking back at that first image it is hard to remember why we loved this house so much and wanted it so badly. It is easy to remember Will’s initial reaction of, “no freaking way.”

It almost looks like one of those “guess the difference in the photo” images. Can you name all the changes?

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Jail Break

I woke up this morning to this coming from Will:
“Uh, Anne… the cat is OUTSIDE!”

Apparently Khanyo was hanging out in the window of our office, but on the wrong side.

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Gardening season came early to Boulder. With very little snow and record breaking high temperatures my little spring plants hardly know what to do with themselves. With all this growth comes my least favorite part of gardening - thinning.

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Texting With Mike

While visiting Mike in New Orleans he stepped out of his apartment to take a call. A very long call. Which left me and Will some time to make mischief.

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Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler

Based on recent posts you’d think that we do nothing but think, dream and plan our kitchen renovation. However we did manage something completely non-kitchen related. We took a long weekend to visit my brother, Mike, in New Orleans. In fact, the only kitchen related thing we did there was to pop into an antiques shop in the French Quarter that specialized in European kitchen antiques.


Highlights from the trip:

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2011: A Year in Review

Happy end of 2011! Or more accurately, happy week between Christmas and New Years when I actually have a bit of free time for a blog post.

Since we haven’t been good about keeping this corner of the internet updated with our activities I thought I’d pull together a bit of a summary to catch everyone up.

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A Bright Spot

The sun peaked out a bit this afternoon after a few dreary days of weather and even drearier days spent in the hospital.

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I wish we had a magical, self organizing by color bookshelf.

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Wild World of Windows

Our house had a pop quiz today. It was the type of test that no cramming session could help.

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Big News!

Guess what I’m doing today?

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The Health Insurance Blues

I am fairly certain that not a single one of the Republicans who voted to repeal health care has a chronic health condition. Otherwise, they would have had to deal with the health insurance system and that would have provided all the evidence they needed to realize the system needs a major overhaul. The current reform is only baby steps in the direction of getting this industry under control.

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The Last of the Last

I love this photo. But mostly, I love the moment behind this photo.

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The More You Own the More It Owns You

Having accepted Will’s challenge to post once a week or face serious humiliation, I now have to write about something. So here’s what’s on my mind today: How do we live a life with less clutter?

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28 Hours of Life with a Cat

This little sweetie pie right here has been full of surprises lately.

Holding Hands
Holding hands

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Good Bye Summer

Once again, I find myself completely in awe at the changing seasons.

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Will is cool, just like physics. Happiest of happy days to you.

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We’re Still Alive and Eating Rainbows

It has been so long since we’ve written something in the blog that we both forgot the login password. But here’s something fun:

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2009: A Review

We sold this house
living room

And bought this house
our new house

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Sometimes I Suck at Cooking

Once upon a time I made the world’s worst cake.

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The Dust Bowl

When you jackhammer out a concrete floor and then proceed to rebuild two bathrooms, there’s a lot of dust as a result.

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Happy Birthday Will!

Hope your 30s are the best ever!

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