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Picking Up Old Hobbies

My sophomore year of college I had a class where they assigned us to “do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time to do.” One girl in my class started practicing yoga, some took dance classes, others volunteered. I made a quilt.

Actually, I made a quilt top. I bought a book that walked me through making several different patterns to acquire sweet quilting skills and when the blocks were sewn together I had a queen size quilt top. Turns out that quilting is quite time intensive and didn’t have time that semester to finish quilting the back & batting to the top.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to pick the hobby back up. There was a bonanza of babies over the last year and I decided that baby-sized quilts were a manageable challenge.

First up was a quilt for baby Brooks, son of our friends Chris & Paul, featuring blue stripes on a yellow background. Following Brooks’ birth earlier this summer we held a baby shower to celebrate the new little guy.


My favorite part of the quilt is the hand-quilted circles scattered across the blue stripes.

hand-stiched circles (front)

And to keep the back interesting I ran a vertical stripe of blue. I like how the quilted stripes from the front contrast against the stripe.

the back side

Paul, Chris and Brooks (with Zoe, but without their quilt):

family photo (with Zoe)

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  1. beautiful, enchanting designs providing the nest for all the imagined and unimagined dreams of a child

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