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Myla’s Stripy Quilt

My baby shower gift for Myles & Virginia was a stripy, colorful quilt. They didn’t want anything too girly for their baby and were using some pretty bold colors (orange, yellow, purple & bright pink) for the nursery. I wanted to create something colorful that the baby would still love long after leaving babyhood.


This was the first quilt design I came up with on my own. I saw an art print on Etsy and loved the interlocking stripes and use of color. I knew that I could replicate the look in a quilt and set about figuring out how to make it happen.

I have to admit that it was a bit embarrassing how long it took me (and Will) to figure out the best way to get an equilateral triangle started with the first three stripes. I don’t know if our geometry teachers would be dismayed at how little we remembered, or if they’d be proud that we finally figured it out.

After conquering my math problems, the rest of the quilt came together quite well. The white, light blue & dark blue triangle is where I started the quilt. I sewed two colors together and then sewed the combined strip to alternating edges of the triangle and then cut everything down to size.

I used the same color thread as the stripe to quilt an outline of each shape. This made for a colorful pattern on the quilt back as well.

The stripe that looks very red in this picture was a bright raspberry pink. It was gorgeous and feminine without being too girly.

I got a very sweet thank you note for the gift saying that the quilt would become a family heirloom and that meant a lot to me.

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  1. Any chance you can share your measurements/pattern? I am loving the simplicity of the pattern with all the colors and would love to make a similar quilt! It’s beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Robyn. I’ll write up a how-to post. :)

  3. Thanks, that would be awesome, I just LOVE the pattern. I saw your other quilt and love how it can look so different with different color combos. :-)

  4. Hi Robyn! I just posted a tutorial / pattern for the quilt

  5. i just love the quilt idea!

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