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Micah’s Baby Quilt

Part of my excitement about picking back up with quilting is that I found some seriously inspiring blogs online. There’s this whole movement of “modern quilters” making bold, colorful quilts. These aren’t your granny’s quilts with fussy patterns and dainty fabric. And once I saw some of these projects I wanted to join in the fun.

Most inspiring to me has been the Handmade by Alissa blog. She kicks some serious fabric encased ass.

Alissa’s quilt top for her own baby inspired the quilt for our friends, Andy & Julie, and their new baby, Micah.

Julie is from Hawaii so I wanted to find something sort of inspired by Hawaii while not being a cheesy Aloha shirt pattern. I found an orange & grey batik looking fabric and thought it would look great amongst other orange and grey stripes.

As life typically goes, I had barely settled on fabric when Julie went into labor. At the Mountain Sun. While out to dinner with us. She was a champ. Less than 5 hours after we left the restaurant Micah made his entrance in the world.

Since Micah was already born I had to kick my quilting project into high gear and I was quite happy with the finished product.


Vertical stripes on the front:

front pattern

Horizontal stripes on the back:

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  1. Good choice of colors and prints. Its clean and geometric - love it!

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