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Lindenmeyer Baby Quilt

Did I mention that there’s been a bonanza of babies amongst our close friend & family? My cousin, Tom, and his wife, Laura, are having a little boy in April and we recently celebrated with a baby shower. Since I’m on a baby quilt roll I kept on sewing until I had another quilt under my belt.


Apparently the baby name has been shared with some of Laura’s family & friends, but Tom wants the name to be a surprise for his side of the family. Since I’m Tom’s cousin I still don’t know the name. I did notice that a few of the baby gifts from Laura’s friends were for PBL… so time will tell if I’m picking up on the right things or reading into things that aren’t there.

I was still in love with the stripy quilt I made for Myla and wanted to continue honing the pattern. I made the strips run vertically for this quilt and liked that there were more interlocking points.


For this quilt I echoed the triangles by quilting lines 1” apart radiating out from the smallest triangle at the top of the quit.


The dense quilting made for a fun pattern on the back as well, and I loved how it contrasted against the polka dot fabric.


I keep saying that the last quilt I’ve finished is my favorite. And while I haver another (!) baby quilt in progress, this is my most recent completion so it still ranks as my current favorite.

Baby Lindenmeyer was born on April 7 and I was completely wrong about the initials. His name is Boggio Mac. Bo for short, and Mac in honor of my grandfather. I’m so excited for Tom & Laura.

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  1. Beautiful quilt - thanks so much for sharing the idea, especially the diagonal quilting.

  2. I so love this quilt, the front with the contemporary pattern and awesome colors you chose all work so great together and the back was a perfect choice. I have to say this is one of my favorites. If someone wanted something more girly it would be so easy to pick out a fabric with a sweet pattern on it, this pattern you have is so flexible and it’s one I would love to use. Everyone should be so proud to receive theirs and if you put a label on it you will be remembered for many many years as it’s passed through generations.

  3. For anyone interested in how to make this quilt I’ve posted a tutorial.

  4. Lynn & Deb - thanks so much for the lovely comments!

  5. This is STUNNING! Lucky baby!

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