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The Dust Bowl

When you jackhammer out a concrete floor and then proceed to rebuild two bathrooms, there’s a lot of dust as a result.

So much dust that Will & I are both coughing like long time smokers. So much dust that the cat is constantly busted leaving behind kitty foot prints on tables and countertops that we all know are off limits to him. So much dust that even though I swept, vacuumed and swiffered the whole house last night, there’s a new fine layer of gray all over everything.

The good news is that the dust is at least a sign of progress. We’ve* gone from this:


To this**:

our last push (soon)

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  1. It’s a team effort — you’re moral support :)

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog post about my Nana. So sorry to hear about Will’s grandmother.

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