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Showers and New Family Members

There’s some exciting news in the world. On Feb 26 Miles & Virginia’s baby was born. Not only is she the first baby for them, but she’s the first of a new generation for the Henderson family and we’re pretty excited about our new niece.

Baby Myla
Myla Mary Henderson

A few weeks before her birth day we started celebrating her arrival. Will and I hosted a monster-themed baby shower for friends & family.

Celebrating Miles & Virginia’s little monster

Sweet monster suckers for decoration & gift bags

V&M’s friend, Nelcy, made monster cupcakes in chocolate and strawberry

chocolate covered deliciousness
Will & I made rice krispy treats covered in caramel, covered in chocolate, topped with sea salt

Delicious fruit to balance out all the sweets

candy and prizes
Everyone left with monster rubber duckies & candy

A good time was had by all, and the baby was showered with gifts both practical and cute.

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