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Baby Quilt for Ian

Another striped baby quilt! Clearly I’m loving this pattern these days. And in all honesty I’m working out kinks in the “pattern” with each version that I test, so I’m starting to finally feel like the concept is a real thing.


This quilt is for our friends, Colleen & Ben, and their new baby, Ian. Ian has already turned out to be a very patient baby. He was born in December and I saw Colleen last week to give her the quilt. Definitely not a commentary on my excitement over his arrival - more like a commentary on how busy life has been.


Colleen & Ben had a monkey theme going for Ian’s nursery and I found the cute fabric for the back at JoAnn’s.


I loved the fabric, and then started second guessing it thinking that maybe it was too busy. But when I added in the stripes as part of the back I fell in love with the fabric again.


Fun fact about the stripes on the backing - they were the leftover pieces from the front stripes when I went to square everything up. It was a bit of a happy accident that everything worked out so well.

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  1. I love this as, I do all the others but this one is a great combination of colors, patterns and angles

  2. It probably also helps that my expert photographer adjusted the color settings to better show the colors on screen. But I’m so glad you like this one!

  3. For anyone interested in how to make this quilt I’ve posted a tutorial.

  4. Karen Fuller

    Your quilt is joyful. I am actually smiling. EVERYTHING about this quilt is beautiful :-). I willfoolishly, attempt to make one, so l can have have this happy quilt in my craft room. I am so glad you took the time and effort to share your pattern. Sincerely K.

  5. A little late to the party….but we LOVE Ian’s quilt and we get so very many compliments on it (it’s traveled a bit and been in the family room a bit). Thank you, thank you Anne Dirks! :)

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