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Modern Baby Quilt for Hendrix

Continuing with the baby bonanza amongst our friends & family, I had barely finished Micah’s quilt when our friends, Brian & Amy, had their baby, Hendrix.


Amy is an architect with a very sophisticated sense of design so I didn’t want to do anything too infantile. I loved the colors in this image from Design Seeds and used them to create the layers in the Hot Spot quilt from the Modern Minimal book by Alissa Haight Carlton.

The quilt featured off-center and off-kilter squares.


The quilting radiated out from the light green center square and I really like the dense lines which are set at 1” apart.


On the back I ran a strip of striped colors. Sadly, part of the strip warped a bit as I quilted the piece together.


Amy’s mom, Judy, is a long-time quilter so I was a little nervous to hear feedback from someone who knew what she was doing. And fortunately she was quite complementary.

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  1. This quilt is beautiful too…in person and on the web….and so very Amy! Sorry it’s taken so long to appreciate…Ian has actually hung out on this quilt as well. :) So glad Hendrix is willing to share. You are so talented!

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