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The Health Insurance Blues

I am fairly certain that not a single one of the Republicans who voted to repeal health care has a chronic health condition. Otherwise, they would have had to deal with the health insurance system and that would have provided all the evidence they needed to realize the system needs a major overhaul. The current reform is only baby steps in the direction of getting this industry under control.

I depend on health insurance to help me manage my Crohn’s disease. I am one step away from financial ruin without health insurance. The medicines that I have to take to remain a productive member of society cost almost 30% more than our mortgage if I had to pay cash. And yet even with health insurance, I’m estimating that almost 10% of our household income this year goes towards the costs associated with buying health insurance, paying for medicine, and paying for medical services. And that’s really the cost if I stay relatively healthy and don’t have any disease flares.

And what do I get for those costs? Well, I get some financial peace of mind that only 10% of our income goes to health costs because it could easily be worse. But I also get a health insurance company that dictates which doctors I can see. Insurance is dictating that I can’t see any of the doctors I’ve been seeing for the past seven years of managing a chronic illness. Not a single one. I have to start from scratch. It seems like if I pay a premium price to buy something, I should have some say in what I get in return. Isn’t that the American way?

Worse for me is the fear of the unknown. Sure, I can find a new doctor. But I’m leaving behind a 3-inch binder full of medical history. I’m leaving behind the peace of mind that there’s someone who knows what works & doesn’t work for me. Someone who can provide some comfort after a night where I couldn’t sleep because I was in so much pain.

This has been a devastating blow to me. I’m angry at how powerless I feel in the situation. I’m annoyed with everyone’s helpful ideas of what I should do. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing I can do, and there’s nothing the health insurance company will do for one person. My options are to choose between my doctors and my job.

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  1. I am fairly certain that not a single one of the Republicans who voted to repeal health care has a chronic health condition.

    Or, if they do, they have the peace of mind knowing that as members of Congress they have basically the best healthcare money can buy in this country, and the government, as their employer, pays for most of it. They have exactly the kind of care that they’re saying will basically result in the end of western civilization as we know it. They’re hypocrite assholes.

  2. I got the confirmation today that I need to switch docs to stay within my health insurance preferred providers. I was offered the option to use my docs as out of network providers, but not really given the money to make that a useful suggestion.

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