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2009: A Review

We sold this house
living room

And bought this house
our new house

With this bathroom

Which now looks like this
first toilet installed

And this
dry-fitting the tub

And we looked like this for most of the year
safety first

We lost some of our favorite people
Lilacs from Dan's garden in Steamboat
(Goodbye to Grandma Hustead, Dan, & Katie)

But we also got to spend time with other favorite people on a few wonderful trips
the Hendersons
(in Gig Harbor, WA for Thanksgiving)

Dirks + 1
(in Asheville, NC at the Biltmore Estate for a Dirks family reunion)

the Boulder gang
(in Santa Fe, NM with Brian & Amy just for fun)

All in all, it was a good year
the Hendersons

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  1. Sharon & Howard

    Here’s to a good year in a long line-up of good years for Anne and Will!

  2. I like this year in review. What a great year! You two are amazing.

  3. 2009 was such a busy year. What is up for 2010?

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