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Streaming Goodness

We recently wrapped up watching both seasons of Party Down, which was hilarious (and sadly short-lived). Now we’re getting into Weeds. How did we miss these shows the first time around? What else are we missing?

I’m starting to be convinced that Netflix streaming is the ultimate and perfect way to watch TV shows. In uninterrupted batches, they’re addictive.

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  1. The Tudors, Dexter, and Lie to Me have been some of my favorite Netflix streaming tv shows! I’ll have to start watching Party Down.

  2. Totally agree with recommendations above — all are very good. I’m actually watching The Tudors for the second time, it’s an addiction!

    We are big fans of the Netflix streaming too — and wrestle with the amount of time that puts us on the couch. But on a cold, dreary evening in Portland, that’s often just what we need! Been doing lots of “couch travel” lately — watching various travel shows and documentaries, like Michael Palin’s New Europe and Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations.

  3. Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations is fantastic - and we do need to get caught up on earlier seasons. I want to read his books too. Just based on his blog posts on Top Chef I’m addicted to his writing. Seriously, read these blog posts even if you haven’t watched an episode of Top Chef ( You can thank me later.

    I’m not sure that I’m in for the Tudors though. As much as I love history, I hate hate hate violence and blood. And I really hate torture. So Dexter is out too.

  4. Me and the husband are watching all of “King of the Hill” again. Yes, again. And watching “3rd Rock from the Sun”. Again. “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” (LOVE IT!) are both on Netflix and are awesome. “Firefly” is pretty awesome. Andy likes “Dead Like Me”.

    We watched “Mystery Team”. It looks like a stupid movie and part of it is. But it’s also really, really funny and a tad bit raunchy. But it was funny.

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