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I don’t do New Years resolutions. They’re for business majors, Facebook users, and other undesirables. But I do think it’s about time our little corner of the internet here stops atrophying and actually gets a little use.

I challenge my lovely and witty wife to join me in posting something, anything, at least once a week for the entirety of 2011.

First one to fail at the Challenge has to do something of undetermined shame and humiliation - we’ll work it out in the comments. And should we both succeed, then hooray it’s winners all around.

Let the whatever-this-is begin!

PS - no offense to those of you who may be Facebook using business majors - at least the ones we like (Kath).

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  1. You’re on! As soon as you remind me how to log in…

  2. Ouch. By the way - I didn’t make any resolutions this year. And by resolutions, I also mean “Challenges.”

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