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We’re Still Alive and Eating Rainbows

It has been so long since we’ve written something in the blog that we both forgot the login password. But here’s something fun:

I made this cake for my dear friend, Carrie, to celebrate her birthday this weekend:

rainbow cake

I saw something like this online and thought it was so happy and fun. The process was pretty easy too. I’d say the key to the cake was investing in some quality food coloring from Williams Sonoma. The cake just wouldn’t have been as much fun if the rainbow wasn’t so vibrant.

6 batches of batter

To make the cake, I used two boxes of cake mix. I figured the wow in this cake would be visual, no need to go all out and make things harder by going the scratch route. I separated out the cake mix into six batches using a measuring cup. The layers didn’t end up exactly even - you’d probably need a scale for that. But again, trying not to make things difficult. I had two round pans to use so I did a few rounds of cake baking/cooling before slicing off the top dome of each layer and stacking them all up. I used three cans of frosting (again, so easy!) and frosted between layers and then all around. For you frosting lovers out there, this cake will make you happy. It was a bit too much frosting for me, but I’m crazy like that.

The end result was a huge hit, especially with the preschool set.

rainbow cake

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  1. I have dreams about this cake. Yummy!

  2. We’ll have to try the pancake version next!

  3. WOW. That’s like eating play-do.

  4. Looks like the the rainbow that was over Henderson Bay yesterday - a visual and gastronomic sensation …

  5. Awesome! Great idea….

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