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T-minus Two Days and Counting

Anne and I are pretty handy. At our old townhouse we rebuilt the deck, renovated three bathrooms, built planters, built furniture, and generally took care of business without any issues. Come Friday night, we’re due to start our major bathroom renovation in the new house and I think we’re both a little nervous about being in over our heads this time.

When you spend a couple thousand dollars to redo three bathrooms — like we did in the old place — almost any work that doesn’t look like it was completed by third graders ends up working out very well on the cost/benefit side of things. We got great updated bathrooms for not much money, and in the end they definitely were a major part of why our house sold so quickly.

In the new house, we’re fairly certain the bathroom was part of why we got such a screaming deal on the place:

the handicapable bathroom

If the first bathroom renovations were softball, this feels like major league baseball. While we’ve eked every possible penny of savings out of our purchases, we’ve also spared very few expenses this time around. High end fixtures. High end finishes. High end budget. We’re taking down walls and putting up new ones. We’ve having an actual plumber and electrician come in to help us out, because the scope of the changes being made exceed what we could do ourselves.

We’re excited and we’ll have help, but we’re nervous too. This is our biggest project to date, and by far the most expensive. We’ve put hundreds of hours of planning into every detail of this project but if it weren’t for the growing pile of materials and fixtures that seem to arrive on an almost daily basis it would be a little hard to believe we’ll start the process for real in two days.

Wish us luck, we might need it.

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  1. One tile at a time…………..not to worry too much.

  2. We should also clarify that Will has put in hundreds of hours planning a beautiful bathroom. And has done a beautiful job!

  3. Good luck! It will be beautiful!

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